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It is our great pleasure to welcome you (yes, both student and parent!) to our Panther family!  We assure you that each and every staff member on the Glen Oaks team is a highly qualified and compassionate professional who is eager to meet your child.  Your child will benefit from the instruction of not only their grade level teachers, but additional content specialists who all strive to provide your child with a well-rounded education. 

Our systematic and collaborative approach to classroom instruction and intervention allows for each student to receive a learner-centered education that facilitates individual growth. members. Our Glen Oaks “Panther Professors” work in tandem with families, children, and community members to foster a learning environment in which students’ intellectual, social, and emotional development are interconnected and integrated into activities across the rigorous curriculum.  Our team takes great pride in fostering a strong sense of community and teamwork through the relationships that have been developed with all of our stakeholders.

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the NPD117 Parent-Student Handbook to best prepare you for the upcoming school year.

We utilize the PowerSchool Parent Access Portal: https://powerschool.npd117.net/public/home.html to share transportation, placement, and report card information with our families. If you do not already have an Parent Access account set up, you will need a student access ID and a student access password to connect your student(s) to your PowerSchool parent account. Please note - this information does change from year to year. If you previously had an account setup at ANY NPD117 school, please use that information to access your account.  If you require assistance with the PowerSchool Parent Access Portal, please contact the school office between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm to obtain this information.


When students enroll, please understand that placements are TENTATIVE, pending screening assessments and records being sent from previous schools. When students enroll, we make the best possible placement at the time with the information we have available. Some of our students may require additional screenings to verify the correct placement.  There are times where we will need to move students to different homerooms so they can receive the services they are entitled to receive. We ask that you allow us 10 days to finalize placements for our students.


School Hours and Class Information

Glen Oaks Students are in class from 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. On TEAM Days, our students are dismissed at 1:30 p.m. and on half days our students are dismissed at 11:30 a.m. Please make a habit of checking the school and district calendars, as well as the district website (www.npd117.net) for special dates and announcements.


In addition to core content instruction, students are scheduled into a PE/health class three times a week, a music class once per week, and a fine arts class once per week.


Students do have lunch and recess daily. You will be notified of the precise times by your child’s teacher once school starts. Please make sure your child’s lunch containers, even brown bags, are clearly marked with your child’s full names and class number (2A, for example). Also, please make sure your child wears sturdy shoes every day (no flip flops, clogs, or Heelys) in order to prevent injuries while participating in physical education and recess.


We recognize the need for appointments and understand that situations may arise that require you to pick your child up early from school. We ask that you please try your best to schedule appointments OUTSIDE of the school day and not pick your child up early from school, as to not disrupt the learning process. 


IF you do need to pick your child up early OR require a change in their transportation, please try your best to communicate this to your child's teacher and the school office by either sending a note, an email, or a phone call PRIOR to 2:00 PM.  This helps us best prepare your child, as last minute changes can slow down the process of dismissal. We appreciate your help in this matter.


Tardy Designation

Please allow yourself plenty of time to drop off and pick up your child. Students must be in class, seated, and ready to learn before the 8:30 a.m. bell. A parent must sign in their child in at the front office after 8:30 a.m.


Front Entrance Procedure

There is a camera and a speaker at our front entrance. You will need to state your name and your business before being allowed entry into the building. If you are allowed entrance into the building, PLEASE DO NOT allow others to enter with you. This is for the safety of our staff, students, and all of our visitors.


Dropping off Late Lunches

Place your child’s lunch on the table inside the front entrance and staple the form to your child’s lunch. Lunches will be collected by staff members and distributed to students prior to their lunch period



Per NPD117 Board Policy, all volunteers must:

1. Review and sign the North Palos School District 117 Guidelines for NPD117 Volunteers form

2. Review and sign the Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability form

3. Provide a picture ID to the school office AT LEAST 7 DAYS PRIOR to volunteering or chaperoning an event or field trip.

We hope these resources and information help to best prepare you, your family, and your child for what we hope to be our best school year yet!


Your partners in education,

Mrs. Farah Daoud, Principal

Mrs. Emily Betts, Assistant Principal